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Lighting Solutions

Upgrading and retrofitting your existing lighting is a great way to lower your power bills and reduce your operating expenses. In some cases loads can be reduced by up to 65%, with an equal reduction in energy costs.

With rebates available through Rocky Mountain Power, and additional federal and state tax credits or offsets that may also apply, upgrading lighting can be the easiest decision a building owner can make.

We provide the most energy efficient lighting products currently available, and can typically install in just a week or two.

With a significant inventory of lamps, ballasts, fixtures, sockets and lamp holders in stock, we have the right lighting solution available “in house”, and are able to accommodate any commercial or industrial needs.

What to expect from us.

  • We can cut lenses to your specifications. Flat, prismatic, and parabolic.
  • Door frame installation is also available.
  • We use cutting edge lighting layout software to prepare practical and cost effective layouts – both interior and exterior applications. Point by point layouts with drawings detailing fixture locations are included as needed based on your project.
  • We provide both labor (electrical contracting) and materials; you deal only with us and receive only one invoice.
  • We can recycle your fluorescent tubes for $2 per tube, or your compact HID bulbs for $1.