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Owned Generation

Stop Renting Your Power – Own It Instead

Other than the payment for the building itself, the second largest expense for many building owners is the “power bill.” Although a payment for the purchase of a building eventually comes to an end, and you own the building, when you are renting your power, the payment never ends (ever).

The power bill has gone up year in and year out, and will continue to do so. Currently the average annual increase is just over five percent. It is expected to continue to increase at that rate for the foreseeable future.

The Solution

Owning your own power is the solution. This provides a fixed and certain expense, year in and year out. One that never goes up. And like the payment on the building, one that eventually drops to “zero”.

This is a much better way to acquire power. Generating your own power, through a system you own, with credits from “the power company” for any excess power you produce.

This is the reason solar has exploded in recent years.

It just makes sense.

What to expect from us.

  • It makes even more sense when the system is designed and installed by and through Horizon Energy Solutions.
  • We are hands down the high quality, low cost provider in this particular space.
  • Many companies make that claim; we are able to prove it, in writing.
  • Our cost per watt generated is consistently the lowest in the industry.