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Insulation and Energy Leakage

To increase the efficiency of your building, one of the key factors is reducing energy “leaks”.  Insulation and door/window frames need to properly seal in the heat and the cool or HVAC systems will be working overtime and wasting energy (and money).

Part of the energy audit process is to determine where these leaks may be occurring and to recommend necessary fixes.

Oftentimes simply improving the insulation can reduce overall energy consumption prior to moving on to other steps in an overall process of optimizing the efficiency of a building.

We take in to consideration the condition of the insulation around pipes, conduit, vents, casings and frames to account for unnecessary dissipation of heating or cooling during the transfer process and retention of ambient temperature as well.

A great way to cut costs and conserve energy is to make sure all the elements in the building are at the proper insulation levels; and we can quickly and easily determine what needs to be “brought up to code” and get it taken care of.

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Paying to heat or cool the great outdoors is not the optimal strategy for efficient energy planning. Looking in to retrofitting casings and seals in windows and door frames, higher r factor fixtures, and related improvements is often the perfect place to start (when the objective is a lower energy bill).